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Vivian M. Cotte

Project Manager/Owner


Wendy Feliz


Juliana Mora.jpg

Artea Creative, Inc.  was  founded  by  former  managing  editor 

Vivian Monserrate Cotte. The concept was to create a collaborative of freelancers who had previously worked together; each having provided organizations with project management, editorial production services, web and graphic design services, advertising and promotions, brand development, social media coaching, gala fundraisers, as well as Spanish-language translations.


Vivian Monserrate Cotte is the owner of and the project manager at Artea Creative. She is also a production editor, web designer, and social media consultant.


Cristina Castro Pelka is an art director, graphic designer, and web designer creating brands from logos to websites, including book cover and book interiors and more. Vivian and Cristina met while working at St. Martin’s Press and have been a formidable team ever since—they roll up their sleeves, get the job done, and always meet their deadlines.

Wendy Feliz is a translator, transcriber, writer, and educator of the Spanish-language. She specializes in literary and technical translations. Vivian and Wendy met while struggling through a math course at Lehman College and decided to form a study group and have been working together ever since. Wendy's expertise is invaluable and Artea Creative is honored to have her providing our clients with Spanish language translations.


Juliana Mora is a videographer, editor, producer, and photographer. Vivian and Juliana met while working on a client's video and have not stopped working since. 

With over 15 years' experience in their fields—together a stronger team—the Artea Creative collective also includes a roster of additional freelancers and consultants readily available should a job or client require more attention or staffing both on-site and off-premises.

Juliana Mora


"I had a very limited online presence. As an author, I discovered that I had to create a buzz for myself, not a skill that comes naturally to most writers. In the process of selling my second book, I knew I needed help. I had an idea of what I needed, but Vivian opened a whole new world to me.

Six months later I had a newly designed website, a much-expanded social media presence (that I can maintain on an ongoing basis), a new press kit, a marketing and publicity campaign, a selection of translators, and a newly self-published paperback edition of my first novel, Daughters of the Stone.
When I hired Vivian, I hired an experienced and dependable professional who has a level of expertise that continues to amaze me. She not only knows what I need (often better than I do), but can also anticipate what I will need six months to a year from now. Now I know where I am and where I’m going." 

— Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, Author, Daughters of the Stone

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