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With well over 15 years experience working in book publishing as designers and production editors, we work with authors to help them either self-publish their manuscripts or work with them after they have published their books. This may include formatting the manuscript, structural edits, copy edits, working from manuscript to designed page proofs, printer ready PDFs, cover designs, e-books. Or simply assisting with literary agent queries.  We provide marketing and publicity campaigns.  Website creation. Help authors set up their social media, and work with them from obtaining reviews to coordinating author appearances. We help authors understand the business of publishing, and help them to make an income not just from book sales, but from author appearances and speaking engagements, while they focus on their writing and making an impact within their reader community. 

  • Book Production

  • Manuscript Copyediting

  • Manuscript Line Editing

  • Manuscript Proofreading 

  • Book Cover Design

  • Book Interior Typesetting

  • Book Interior Design 

  • Website Creation

  • (or Website Redesign if needed)

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Publicity Campaign

  • Social Media Coaching

  • Social Media Strategy & Calendar

  • Project Management

  • Database Email Management

  • Comprehensive Media Report

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