special projects.

Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa.

Upon meeting Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, Wendy and Vivian were fangirling because they had read Daughters of the Stone several years prior and loved it. Dahlma had just obtained the rights back from St. Martin's Press (SMP) and wanted to independently publish a 10th Anniversary edition of her first novel. Vivian offered her website services and to help Dahlma create a social media presence since she already had an existing database of followers eagerly awaiting her second novel. 


It has been an incredible journey coaching Dahlma as she discovered Instagram and Twitter and began thinking strategically about the release of her 10th Anniversary edition. The word that comes to mind is serendipitous. Cristina and Vivian met while working at SMP; and found themselves some 15 years later,  taking on an SMP out-of-print title (Daughters of the Stone) and re-releasing it as a trade paperback edition via IngramSpark's Print-on-Demand. The services the Artea Creative collective provided Dahlma are tangible and measurable, however, the friendship that has evolved is truly priceless. 

Author services provided included: 

  • Website Redesign

  • Social Media Coaching

  • Project Management

  • Publicity

  • Database Email Management

  • Book Copyediting/Proofing 

  • Book Cover Redesign  

  • Book Interior Typesetting/Design

  • Comprehensive Media Report

  • Marketing Strategy/Calendar

  • #ArtistsAfterMaria Publicity

Photography and Videography

Love of the arts is what the Artea Creative team have in common, aside from

the fact that we have worked together at

different junctures of our lives and came to

form this collective. Photography by our 

members appear throughout many of our clients' websites and social media channels. Videography is the most recent edition with Juliana Mora creating a Book Trailer for author Theresa Varela

Anton Evangelista.

When director/filmmaker Anton Evangelista approached Artea Creative for his film, 

il Signor Jackson, Artea Creative's favorite musician, Hakhi Alakhun, immediately began working with Anton on cinematography and photography. The film won first prize at the 2018 Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum; Official Selection at the 2019 Manhattan Film Festival; the 2019 Harlem Film Festival; and the 2019 Voce Spettacolo Film Festival. Private screenings have taken place throughout New York City and Westchester. 

Vivian had to go all the way to Florence, Italy,

to meet author, playwright, and director

Jawanza Bakari. She coached him on social media. She also created his website and marketing materials for his theatre production company,

AfrikanLuv Co  when it launched  the Spring 2019 performance of The Passage: Stories from The Maafa  at The National Black Theatre. (All theatrical productions are currently on hold due to  the COVID-19 pandemic. )

A project inspired by both the Association of Hispanic Arts (AHA) newsletter of the 1970s and Princeton's Communiversity, this has been "concept project" for a few years before a soft launch of BronXversity on Instagram and Twitter took place in August. The goal is to feature cultural events from ZIP codes 10451 to 10475 with the hopes that folks will step outside their comfort zones and venture out to the incredibly diverse neighborhoods of The Bronx and embrace all that The Bronx has to offer. The team looks forward working with its freelancers and volunteers to be able to offer an interactive website in the coming year.

Vivian has been recently contracted to create the official website for the Comité Noviembre 2020 National Puerto Rican Virtual Artisan Fair and & Book Expo. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fair will not be taking place at  Hostos Community College.